Final Standings - Top 5

Late Nites Presents: Dillon Francis

1 17,800
2 15,017
Kid Scartch Moombahton Mashup - Kid Scartch Audio Academy Mix.mp3
3 2,700
Vincent Favard Vincent Favard - The abbey .mp3
4 1,009
DJ Metz Avenger Original Mix - Metz.mp3
5 0
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Mano-A-Mano Battles

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We're pleased to announce the addition of a new feature to our site: "Mano-A-Mano" Battles. In this heads-up battles each contestant gets one week to turn three "secret sounds" into a banging track. Our friends at are supplying the loops as well as a special prize for our weekly winner.

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Win A Warm Up Set For Dillon Francis

Have the Official Guelph University Homecoming Afterparty entertained by internationally acclaimed EDM star Dillon Francis⦠and you. {more}

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Never one to lay down on the job, this month the Club Virgin cleans house. {more}

Bridging the divide: "DJ or Producer"?

DJ or Producer: Who cares when you're playing wicked tunes, live? I'll show you my live collaboration process and how to put a new spin on the classic DJ performance. {more}

Remix Roundup - September

All the Remix and Production contests from around the web in one convenient location. {more}

1,500 Frosh + Zed's Dead + You With An Opening Set

We're not even going to try to sell it to you because if this doesn't get you excited, you don't have a pulse. {more}

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To: tam ten van dyk - darktime 2.mp3
tamtenvandyk :) MY old tune
To: The Cranberries- Zombie.mp3
zhedik007 My favorite track by The Cranberries :D
To: Mkz-Dutch gone wrong 2min.mp3
DJ3G3T5 shame the best bit is only 30 seconds :(
To: First Platoon - M.I.A.M.I. (BORRACHO!...
oxmerus where is everybody?
To: mik20(1).mp3
zvahadzija that skrap man